Monday, August 30, 2010

We shall now be know as "The Award Winning Publisher" Presto Art!

I would like to thank the academy, and all the little people....ha ha, but seriously in May this year Martin LaCasse's "Three Sixty Five" was awarded a Judges gold metal for "Most Original Concept" book at the Book Expo held in New York City. The award was presented to us by the Independent Publishers Assoc. and we couldn't be more shocked and excited. We poured a lot of work into the project and to garner an award like this was just humbling. Furthermore we were shocked to find out that we actually got  gold metals!! It is pretty awesome. We also got some of these great award winning stickers for the books, so thanks to the Indepent Publishers Awards and to everyone who has picked up the title, we hope you have been enjoying it. Now where do Martin and I go to have our photos taken for the Wheaties box?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drawn From The Well Special Edition Release at DragonCon

Greg Craola Simkins new book "Drawn From the Well" is set to drop on September 25th, but if you can't wait that long there is a very special edition that will be available on September 3rd from 2-4pm at Dragon Con. The new book is amazing, we packed three hundred pages into this 9 x7 hardcover sketchbook. The art is inspiring, amazing and full of creative energy, furthermore if this isn't the best sketchbook on your bookshelf I will personally refund your money! Greg is one of the special guests at this years Dragon Con and will be selling and signing his new books as well as some special edition prints. Only 150 special editions will be available at the show, the other 100 will be released at a later date, at a secret location...but for now check out all the details here Im Scared.

Also set up across from Greg will be Presto Art Artist Joe Capobianco and the crew from Hope Gallery Tattoo. Joe's also going to have a special limited edition pin-up ash can he designed just for this event. I got a sneak peak a few backs and you are going to want to get one of these!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Presto...It's our new logo.

Presto it's our new logo! I wanted something logo like and since we have been working with Greg Simkins, I asked a favor and he obliged. I love it! It is just what was needed, it's clean, simple and says "you don't know what we are going to pull out of our hat next". Thanks Greg, now I need to make some gear...

I also got some lettering treatments for special projects.