Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Three Sixty Five Originals for Sale!!

We have known that Martin was going to sell the original sketches from the new book for a while now, but we had to keep that info under wraps while we were in production on the new book. Now that the book is out we are psyched to be the exclusive agent for the sale of the original art from "Three Sixty Five". All the art is up at the Presto Webstore Martin LaCasse Originals Available Now
The sketches are priced at the amazing price of $65.00 per piece. The originals have that soft grey pencil tone and very subtle details and shading. Most of the sketches are 9" x 12" on a heavy sketch paper. A series of these would look great framed in your studio, or pick up your birthday. A great opportunity to invest in an original that has been published from a seminal tattoo artist.
Also available is a archival print of the slipcase art from Three Sixty Five. This reproduction is remarkable, when we held it up to the original you couldn't tell the difference. Printed on a heavy duty paper this 18" x 24" is a classic. It will also only set you back $10.00  "Three Sixty Five" Print
If all this new product isn't enough we also have a Presto T-shirt. What better way to impress your friends at the club than by rocking a boutique publishing house shirt. Mens and Ladies $8. Presto T