Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Comeback Kid

One of our most popular titles is making a comeback. For the last couple years Martin LaCasse's "Take What You Can...Give Nothing Back", has been out of print. Over the last couple months however we have been deluged with requests to bring it back. With the release of Martin's "365" there has been a ton of interest in his first book, so we have decided to bring it back. The new printing will have a soft cover and a nice new price ($30 US).
The new re-issue has a street date of August 1. If you have  the original hardcover, it's a collectors item now, so shelf it and pick up the new soft cover. If you don't own this book your library of reference is incomplete, this is one of the best selling tattoo books of the 00's. Thanks for demanding we bring it back, it's one of our favorites too.