Friday, July 30, 2010

The Craola proof is in.

The "Drawn from the Well" proof has hit my desk and it looks incredible. This book is so packed with inspiring art you are not going to believe it. Greg Craola Simkin's first book is an archive of his sketches and drawings. This all new hardcover is now at the printers and has a street date for September. We have some special release details we are working out now with Greg and we should be able to leak some info about the release next week. Big things, big things. Presto is very proud to be the publisher of this premier project, we are huge fans so this project has been an absolute dream. Check back on this one.


Patrick Maxcy said...

will there be anyway to order one of these? or can you only get then at dragoncon?

Presto said...

Patrick they will only be available at Dragon Con. Greg has a booth there and will be signing them. There will be another opportunity to get a special edition cover later in the year...stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

will there be any signed copies available after dragon con? please say yes!