Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Craola Book On Sale Saturday Sept. 25th!

Get ready because the wait is over. After months and months of work on our end and waiting on yours, we proudly present Drawn From the Well, the all new Greg Simkins sketch archive. THREE HUNDRED PAGES. Yes, 300 pages of Greg's drawings & sketches line this book from front to back. It really has everything, from character studies, painting ideas, toy blueprints, graffiti ideas, commercial stuff, T-shirt designs, loose drawings, tight sketches, and amazing landscapes.
Please be careful with this brick of a book, it contains so much creative energy that it could get your imagination going at an unsafe speed. This book was an absolute joy to put together, it really was a text book case of the "the journey being the reward". Greg is a great guy and working with him was such a positive experience and we couldn't be happier with the final product.
Case in point -here is Greg at this years Dragon Con, isn't it nice he takes the time to help out the older folks in the crowd. Actually that is Marvel creator Stan Lee signing prints with Greg, but it's still nice Greg took time out of his busy schedule for Stan.
Also this month to co-incide with the release of his first book, Greg's art appears on the cover of Juxtapoz. So he's a good guy, talented, imaginative, kindly,  he hangs with the elderly, and if that is not enough, each and every book has an extra special secret suprise. Get the mag this week, get your book on Saturday and settle in to see what all the buzz is about.