Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Novel Idea ?

The long wait is almost over for Dave Fox's brand new art book titled "A Novel Idea?".  The book weighs in at two hundred and twenty five pages, packed into a huge 9" x 12" hardcover deluxe format. The art is a full color, end to end blow out with Dave's entire cast of unusual characters on parade through every inch of it. We are anticipating a street date of January 2011 and that will become more clear as we move through the final steps of the printing process. 
This book has been a lot of fun to put together and if you are a fan of Dave's art you will be psyched with the final product. Dave painted  25 new paintings in the last six weeks that all made the book, and the story behind the title is also a very cool one. This book will  be the first Presto book to feature 6 fold out setups, so we could showcase some of Dave's art in an awesome 12" x 18" format. We will keep you in the loop....