Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Proof Is In -Three Sixty Five

I almost can't believe the proof is in, I have to pinch myself. This project has been in production for years. It has been a complete joy to be involved with. As I worked on it, I would always think about how great it would be when I would get to the proofing point...know does feel great.
Three Sixty Five has been a huge undertaking. Artist Martin LaCasse set out on a quest to draw everyday for a year. He was looking to fill some sketchbook with tattoo ideas that he could refer to for years to come. This idea rolled into the development of a book project, where we would publish his results upon him finishing the year.
What both Martin and I found out along the path of this project were some life lessons. Martin's challenge was pushing himself through each month to work up enough ideas and execute them. It then became a struggle to work each day. His personal notes reflect this. He also pushed himself beyond burned out, but the final result was worth the painful journey.
As for me the challenges were daunting. How to manage this much art, and how to present it, so it's both an enjoyable view and a functional tool for other artist. Part of the challenge was also the process. Martin's art has been scanned and re-scanned, it has been printed on transparency and re-re scanned, then color corrected and filtered. Then they were set up and dated and sized and filtered again. Times three hundred and sixty five times each time. Whew.
I loved working this project and both Martin and I are at a point of being very excited. Three Sixty Five is going to be packaged as 4 volumes in a slipcase (wait till you see the slipcase art). Martin has also created 12 all new paintings for the book. He focused on a single topic for each month and than explored it from every angle. The proof looks great, the colors are right on, a few specs needed to be tweaked but the books are now in production and our release date is 1/15/2010. So get ready to start the year right.


Anonymous said...

This blog makes the book look like it will be fantastic and amazing, yet it still doesn't quite capture exactly how awesome it is in real life. This is going to be one outstanding packaged collection!