Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Off To The Print Man

Jime Litwalk's long overdue Sketchbook 3 is finally finished. Jime filled this gem of a book with "Monsters, Misfits & Maidens". I will post a preview up soon, but it is done and on it's way to Hong Kong. Book 3 has a street date of the first week of February 2010. Now armed with this knowledge please spread the word the book is coming so Jime can stop getting all the phone calls and hate emails about finishing the new book. Just kidding...kinda.


joker said...

Heyy!! At last!! I've been waitin' for it!!!! I need to complete my must have collection!!! I'm glad it's already done! but when can I have on my own hands!!? ejejjeje!!! excellent work jime and presto, keep it up man!!